The poisoning of the world by America……..

Watching some MSNBC “Lock Up” episodes and wondering why the only Western Country that still carries out capital punishment, has by far the most severe laws and although it contains 5% of the worlds population it incarcerates 25% of the worlds prison population. Even the way they treat prisoners its as if the prisoners run the show. Id hate to see how much they spend and law and order cause its not possible for the country to survive with huge costs for military and black ops spending. With them refusing to show Germany its own gold resulting in Germany giving them 7 years to give 50% of it back its becoming more obvious is America is bankrupt only owning a few bricks of low grade bullion to show powerful countries who insist on seeing it. Now the Gulf oil producing states have changed payment to gold or € America demise is coming faster with the only way of staying afloat temporarily is war but even UN is stopping them now. Cause American Dollar is pinned to Gold prices the minute a whistle blower declares Americas Gold stock is basically zero it makes Dollar recycling price higher than face value. Germany is clever getting what it can before America goes bankrupt like numerous South.American countries are also doing. America maybe had a few more decades of deception left but the war hungry President Obama has forced UN, NATO and now even the UK saying no with Russia and China drawing a very real “red line” if America did an Iraq job and not Obama’s embarrassing claim his red line was the worlds red line! Lol still find his squirming so funny, would the media allow Bush or any other Presidents to get away with that? Obama and America as a whole are the worlds laughing stock and like usual anyone who speaks against him no matter the subject is labeled racist. This exposes just how racist America and the world in general has become, whites (even in their own country) need to stay quite while non whites can say what they like and if anyone speaks out either they’re racist or “dont understand the culture”. Even in open court a witness admits to using the word “cracker” with press making excuses up when even the most basic people know this is a racially derogatory term towards whites. Then there’s even more stupid people who think red neck is ok to call a white person again a racially derogatory term that they believe in their tiny brains is something to do with slavery, namely slave drivers. They’ve got it half right, white slaves from Europe predominantly Ireland and Southern coastal towns in England (That Muslim slave traders (the biggest slave traders of all time) abducted whole villages of men women and children, the women went to middle east and gulf states to be used as sex slaves along with their younger children. Men and older male children were sent to America to be sold as slaves all this was before the West African slave trade and for a time after too. When they worked in the fields, Irish in particularly with fair skin and hair became sun burnt upon their necks leading to the offensive “red neck” term. As Africans when that trade began have more skin pigmentation its less likely they’ll burn. There’s no such thing as reverse racism that certain groups of society shout about after every white person is assaulted or murdered by a member of a different race that it immediately must be racist cause they cant comprehend that some crimes are impulsive so if there was a white man/woman, a black man/woman, Chinese man/woman or South Asian man/woman they would all get robbed from the same offender or the media and often the Police, CPS not registering sometimes people just dont like each other and the crime had nothing to do about race. Media does make this 10x worse with even the top cop in GMP acknowledging media often refusing to report horrific crimes like the school boy in Glasgow murdered totally at random for being white. There was a few less than 20 seconds regional reports with offenders fleeing to Pakistan. CPS wasn’t to interested in getting them back as there’s no extradition agreement between UK and Pakistan. A Pakistani Councillor was so outraged that he personally opened dialogue between himself and Pakistani Government out lining this was a child they tortured for 4+ hours before stabbing him more before pouring petrol over him and burning him alive. Thanks to the Councillor culprits made a landmark case with Pakistan arresting and deporting suspects for trail. BBC and other media were openly condemned for not reporting with them actually admitting if it was 4 20+ year old males driving round discovered a Pakistani child they abducted off the street and tortured hint fir hours before burning alive there’d be 15 minute updates until tried and convicted. Media pledged that they would begin reporting crimes where victims were white and offenders non-white (over 50% and has been for a long time making 100 non white citizens in England many many more times of committing a racist attack compared to equal number of white people. This isn’t a new crime and has been happening for some time, despite America labeling any attack against predominantly black people although there’s no evidence whatsoever as racist while attacks with huge amounts of evidence with multiple witnesses including African Americans all reporting assault/murder of a white person by African American as racially motivated due to statements made prior, during and after are rarely prosecuted as hate crimes because the latest thing now is white Americans cannot be victims of hate crimes because white Americans are not a protected group like homosexuals and females. Most people would think you were joking until you showed them evidence of this most probably created as a defence where having hate crime added could be the difference between 20 years before parole up to life without parole. The public can’t even express outrage or they’ll be charged with a hate crime themselves, if the world as a whole was totally neutral and people were judged who you are, how you behave and your total outlook our planet would be 1,000,000% better cause there’d be no need for EDL marches through predominantly Muslim, both British and Foreign born citizens. Groups swearing and spitting on dead soldiers coffins and their distraught families as they’re repatriated wouldn’t happen cause their peers would compel them to stop it and made to think not only how damaging it is to the soldiers friends/family but also how damaging it is to themselves and people around them. I really am glad we’re nothing like Americans cause i was genuinely shocked just how racist they are and even worse that its actually accepted. Obama has damaged race relations massively putting back work probably to 1960s almost behaving like Al.Sharpton/Jesse Jackson who’s race baiting have directly resulted in a number of murders and 100,000s assaults and even when there’s proof of criminal behavior from either the Federal Attorney doesn’t dare to hold them accountable as the community as a whole often makes it clear if Government doesn’t act like they want it to Country wide rioting involving serious assaults/murders will happen. Although this is a large problem its ridiculously easy to begin to turn the clock because for riots/mobs/organized crime to succeed there needs to be 2 to begin with and it grows from there. In the same ways UK has council estates which were and are very successful America has projects, Thatcher fucked up with right to buy cause many council estates were extremely nice places to live were everyone knew their neighbors with neighborhood watch schemes to reduce burglaries abducting other property crime. Right to buy seemed like a good idea to being with but properties specially within London and surrounding areas were sold off with huge discounts by tenants knowing by waiting 3 years to sell it by either renting it for huge returns or living in it they’d make a lot of money from it. Due to huge rates of people buying both for profit or a lifetime home the housing stick began to decrease, with UK forced into EU free labor market plus huge numbers of Asylum Seekers and illegal immigrants the fact thwarting the council/housing association portfolio were either not being built or being built at such a low level that both purchase and rental properties prices were sky rocketing had to burst and it did in America when Wall Street businesses inc Banks were exposed of selling bad virtually unrecoverable debt that should’ve been sold for 5%< of cover value instead of being illegally bundled with $1 billion of lowest risk investment packages usually only yielding 1%-5% return. Nobody in America has ever been hold to account and if Wall  Street never illegally sold their worthless debt America would’ve been made bankrupt so to say Senators and probably the President himself didnt know they were intending on stealing from every single country regardless of whether the countries austerity levels would push the most vulnerable members of community into suicide wasn’t a concern of there’s. To allow Bush to escape from his responsibility was bad and to allow Obama to escape consequence’s for his past present and future behavior isn’t just going to damage America, UK, NATO, UN but the whole world. I just hope as a British member if the public our Government are switched on and know that America has sold not only its own gold but other countries too. Its even gone so far as charging Iraq for themselves and the UK’s cost of invading them, only was the UK can stay afloat if they haven’t started already is liquidize American assets because as soon as its confirmed what the majority of the world know that America sold all its Gold plus everyone else’s American currency and goods will be worthless as the USD is underpinned on price of gold. Although UK doesn’t own a vast amount of Gold not improved by dickhead Brown selling 50% when it was at its lowest price in a long time that was so bad 6 months later he would’ve got £9billion more! Still Osbourne has been buying back a bit at a time and unlike America has annual audits and any Gold held by UK in The Bank of England is available for viewing after all safety checks are satisfied (few weeks max) America has been stumbling for decades exposed of selling Cocaine to its own people to boost coffers and the missing millions of tonnes of opium/heroin that was known to have been grown in Afghanistan yet supply hasn’t shot up driving down prices leaving 3 possibilities. 1: Aliens intercepted it and now planet GogWog’s population are heroin addicts. 2: Drug barons are sitting on it letting bit by bit go into Europe and America (unlikely) 3: CIA already have it in North America and various hubs in Europe they’re drip feeding enough to feed demand but not enough to lower prices propping up the illegitimate President who’s as war hungry as Africa War Lords, no surprise he’s half Kenyan then…….. DANGEROUS MAN THE WORLD NEEDS TO MONITOR INSTEAD OF HIS ILLUSION CAPABILITIES OF GETTING EVERYONE TO WATCH HIS RIGHT HAND WHEN THE LEFT IS UNDER THE TABLE………


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